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Income Tax Forms You Need to File

Before you file your tax return make sure you have all the required forms to file. A W-2 is the one form everyone seems to be familiar with, however that’s not the only income form. If you received any additional income, there are other forms you may need to file. You don’t want to receive a letter from the IRS stating something is missing.

Here is a list of the income based forms you may need to file during the tax season.

Employee Wages: W-2

Income received as a Contractor: 1099 MISC

Retirement account Income (ie 401k): 1099-R

Stock Sales: 1099-B

Dividend Payment: 1099-DIV

Bank Interest: 1099-INT

Unemployment Income: 1099-G

Lottery/Gambling Winnings: W-2G

If you have questions about your income tax return, schedule a 60 minute coaching session.