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  • E-Book: The Small Business A-Z tax deduction index
  • The Guide to Setting up your accounting software
  • 3 hours 1 on 1 session to help with your accounting start up
  • $460 Value


Billions of dollars in business deductions expenses go unclaimed each year. As a self employed small business owner, you want these deductions to reduce your taxable income.

The reason, it isn’t clear what expense is a deduction for small business owners. This E-book shows you the qualified deductions that can be claimed. You will also know the tax category to claim the expense to reduce the risk of an audit. You will definitely need this to file you Schedule C income tax return.

This e-book is an A to Z list of common expenses used by self employed small business owners. Whether working from a home office or office space; at a glace, you will track your expenses at a glance for easy bookkeeping.

Use this book when you purchase the income tax preparation service.

This E-Book is in PDF format.

Accounting Guide:

The start of any accounting software is your Chart of Accounts. This download works directly with the free tax deduction download you received. Learn the difference between Income, Expense, and Asset categories!

*This guide uses illustrations from, but can be used with any accounting software.

Coaching Session: 

Don’t get left to learn on your own. Get one on one help from an expert on how to start accounting for your business.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Apply the information from your downloads and index to set up your accounting software
  • Automate your income and expense for easy bookkeeping
  • Run reports from your software to determine your profit and loss each month

*Please note: No Refunds. 

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