Business Tax Return Deposit


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This deposit is required for the start of any business tax return preparation and will be applied to your total service charge. The remaining balance will be due upon receipt of an invoice from Tamara Know Taxes. 

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How Virtual Tax Preparation Works:

  1. Pay Deposit Fee
  2. Complete Intake Form and Service Agreement
  3. You will be contacted via your preferred method on what to expect going forward
  4. You will be contacted when your return is completed at that time final payment will be due
  5. Once payment is received, you will receive a draft of your return to review
  6. Once you confirm the draft of the return, it will be filed electronically. 
  7. You will receive copies of the filed return via secure email unless other arrangements are made

*If you live in the state of Connecticut, contact Tamara Knows Taxes for income tax preparation other than virtual.



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