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..more than one way to get your taxes filed.

Virtual & In-Person


This service is for people who want the luxury of having their return filed from the comfort of their home (or office). Upload your tax documents to a secure site, answer a few questions, and let a tax expert take care of the rest.

How it Works:

  1. Purchase Service
  2. Sign up for account on secure site
  3. Complete Organizers, Sign Agreements, Upload Documents
  4. Preparer prepares return
  5. Client approves return online
  6. Return is filed


Did you hear, Tamara Knows Taxes has moved! Visit me at my office, in the heart of Hartford, to have your return filed. This is perfect for people who need their return filed right away and like to ask questions during the process. Schedule your appointment today. (Deposit Required. Balance due at appointment.)

How it Works:

  1. Call or Schedule Appointment Online
  2. Pay Deposit
  3. Come to office at scheduled time to have return filed!


It’s okay if you don’t want upload your documents, you can drop them off. If you don’t like to sit while your return is being filed, drop off your tax documents, and come back when it’s done! Schedule your appointment today. (Deposit Required)

How it Works:

  1. Call or Schedule Drop Off Appointment
  2. Pay Deposit
  3. Come to Drop off Location to complete forms and provide tax documents
  4. Have return prepared
  5. Schedule pick up date and arrange balance payment (or prepay to use coupon)

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