Thank you for choosing Tamara Knows Taxes for your business bookkeeping and accounting


ANNUAL (10% OFF)$1,620$2,700$5,400
Reconciliation of bank account through accounting appIncludedIncludedIncluded
Reconciliation of E-Commerce/Sales App/Credit Card
(PayPal not include)
1 APPUnlimitedUnlimited
Reconciliation of Paypal – $50 Add on____Included
Product/service Breakdown – $100 Add on

If you have multiple products and/or services, in your accounting will include a breakdown of each per month. With this information, you’ll be able to see what generates the most income per month. This can be used to adjust your sales and marketing. *Category of product will be considered 1 product. For example, if you’re sell clothing, your combined sales will be 1 product.
Payroll Reconciliation – $100 Add on

In your accounting app, a report will be created to show how much you pay each employee including taxes.
Sales Tax Payment (1 State Only) – $20 Add on (all taxable products), $30 (taxable and non taxable product mix; only available if you have product/service breakdown)

Remitted payment to your state’s department of revenue service.
Employment Tax Payment, per quarter – Single Member – $25 Add on

Filed employment tax and remitted employment tax payment. This is for a single member business only. Partnership filing will be based on the business income only. No income outside the business under contract will be considered
Per Partner____$25
Emailed copies of filed reports$10$10$10

How It Works:

Once you pay for the service, you will be directed to schedule your first initial virtual appointment with Tamara Knows Taxes LLC. During the appointment you will be shown how to provide access to your various sales apps and accounts to the accountant.

If you went with the monthly option, your reoccurring payment will be set up at that time.

What you need:

  • Accounting Software (Example: Quickbooks, Wave, etc)
  • Business Bank Account connected to Accounting Software
  • List of transaction types from your bank account (this can be discussed during initial meeting)
  • Username/Password set-up with Federal and State agencies (Premium package only)

What you need to know:

Bookkeeping service is a 12 month minimum service. When choosing the billed per month option, your first charge is accepted through this website. The remainder will be charged through a third-party service through automatic payments with an additional 3% charge. You must have a valid credit card or bank account for this service.